10 years ChallengešŸ‘Š


Electronic City” an Information technology hub in Bangalore,India. With 80 acres of industrial parks and divided into four zones which were established by keonics,Karnataka Electronics,a Pioneer of information technology in infrastructure development.

Electronic City is the ‘Brain Child’ of


In 1997 maintenance was taken up by ELCIA,who provided 500 security officials and also installed CCTV Cameras.

Rich Biodiversity back in years qualitied life. Some of those measures were implemented by planting trees,constructing parks and rooftop gardens to enable greenery. These actions were somewhat surprisingly gone a long way towards decreasing pollution in city which helped to protect local plants.

Significant amount of pollution and dust were being filtered out. Increasing tree cover in city worked pretty well to reduce temperature in the city during summer,potentially saving cooling costs.

Now-a-days increased traffic has become a challenge which is decreasing our productivity indirectly. We can feel the scorching heat and dug up roads on other sides where improper roads impact our daily lives.

Transportation plays vital role in metropolitan cities, due to congestion and increased population paves way for metro lines which is leading to deforestation.

Cutting down trees just to raise the walls leaves residents unhappy,which is also affecting ecological balances of our society. And the process of advancement progress also destructs social balance by destroying natural resources.

Method of sustainable developments should be adopted to save our nature simultaneously with modern development…….

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