How it flew up !!

I’m gonna remain quite till he gets it done.

The Consequence

You just can’t believe what would be the outcome of my two days of extinction.

Yus, fellas you likely to be astonished as what made me impotent, that i couldn’t ping her from a alternative phone or a way out that could get access to her. Being honest, i was a miserable final-grade mechanical student who was still a vulnerable adult.

It took her two long days to get ahold of me. She had pinged my friend via fb, urged him to check on me if I’m fine. He had called up to my mum number, stated all of it to me. I had to borrow her number from my friend, phoned her. The moment later, when she figured out it’s me on the call. Damn, she beat the shit out of me. Not surprisingly, had no possibility to talk as she was busy yelling at me which made me feel kind. She took a breakthrough, and let me present that happened.

Listening to all my narration the only unique thing she noted was “Abhi; I just can’t stay out off you, I just want you to get on with my life and i love you”.

The only thing i did was, to feel the moment and confess that, “I love her the most”.

This is when whole thing started. Owning a girlfriend, after a prolonged period got myself freaky. We spent most of the weekends together, spin for movies or long drives. Accurately, i drove 40kms up and down which is 80kms, just to hook up. On a similar note, we were much like friends lot less than the mates. We would often, acknowledge about our personal lifestyles or regarding families. And i had admitted her repeatedly that this will crash as i comprise to a orthodox class. She knew, I’m not gonna abandon my family and they are extremely important to me. For above facts; the single counter she made out was, let’s relish our current stage and quit being fretful for destinies.

Arushi, was a bit practical- minded. Babe who bouts to save up her pocket money for months, just in a intent to get me kind of that would titillate me. Being a grad student, still bid to afford some valuable upgrades to your beau is a touchy idea. Taking a pause from all her gol-gappe, chaat masala, pizza parties, shopping and rescuing all of that money for her man is phenomenal.

I then completed my engineering and execution of job. I began doing, as riding turned too dicey i had to fetch a room nearby. As i was being on my own, she kept visiting often. I was so into her that, i wanted to take our ratio into later level and i was all set to make it real. But she wasn’t ok with it, the prime reason was as said our bond was futureless, and she was fine to take this to other level just for me. I always loved to build memories that endures for eternity.

I had my own bases to fulfill this. Arushi had a buddy named Bindu, she had informed her mom that she will be staying with her friend. In case if her mum calls, she was all set to add Bindu on conference and cop the situation.

The day arrived, where we made a draft to stick together at my place. She came to my room, she had called Bindu took her on conference and everything went as intended. Passed time speaking, just sung a song for her. Got up for dinner, had some ready made-meals.

Took a walk, stepped into room. I was not in a hurry, wanted this moment to last, in time then and in eternity. It was my first time which made me really tensed. We had a kiss, on lips. Majority of them say kiss is the outset for it and in fact thats fitting. As soon as our lips separated I could notice the bloom she had. The each time i kissed her, i noticed that heavenly smile which made me go farther. In a while, we knew time had come to go all the way. There was a breathtaking catch, we shared our oneness in the sign of love. Seemed that she was totally into it. We made out holding each other with much fondness.

There was this feeling of submission. From both the sides. She had submitted herself to me. And i had myself to her. When someone surrenders their heart, their body, their sole to you. Then this will be the greatest possession, to know that you have a person fully surrendered to you.

Most of the woman out there feel once the guy is done with everything, he’s gonna fadeout that’s what she assumed too. But that is when I started seeking more for her. And I never knew, in no time our lives would tear us apart.

The next time, she planned to join me is where everything took a turn. As plotted she reached my room, as i intend to grab some food from the shop i was out and by the time i got back. I found Arushi sobbing. When i insisted, what was it about? She said Bindu isn’t willing to talk to my mom and i have none right away to assist this current situation. By this, her mom begun calling on and I tried calling Bindu but was left unanswered . Desperately, i had to send her home right away and that was the last time i saw her. We were caught up.

I felt vulnerable and baffled. Following morning, got a call from a number that was her mom. This was dreadful, she was heavily distressed and howled at me as whom am i? What did i do to her daughter? I felt horrified, edgy i called up my dad uttered all of it. He just said one thing, that they are surely gonna kill you ! I hide out for my own sake.

As we were Majors, case turned broken. Later, when all of it was set ok.

Arushi called up.

Arushi: Abhi, let’s get married. You gottu marry me. We are bound to it.

Abhi: Arushi please I can’t lay off my family.

Arushi: You meant to say, you just used me.

Three years of togetherness, and her way with me lift my breath off. Stream bust up and now tables have turned. She’s married, has a baby and a pretty family to deal. Often, i stalk her husband’s profile just to check if she’s being okay. Fortunately, she is doing great.

Guys, thats how it happened to be. So, where does he stand? Life or Eternity

I hope you had your moment of joy and continue to cherish this epical tale narration. Abhi, thank you for giving me space to embrace your story that is filled with gratitude. In a nutshell, greatful for “Exploit in Eternity”

What Just Happened !!

Hooray, wasn’t it glorious.


We are back with the further unit. Believe me, even i have been awaiting to hear his next phase of segment.

All right, let’s get started.

2014 – I took a step forward and pinged her. As she had no idea who was Abhi, i had to play some tricks for her to pick me into attentiveness.


Abhi : Hello (last seen 9:45)

Arushi : (last seen 9:46)

Abhi : Hey, respond me (last seen 10:40)

Arushi : (last seen 10:43)

I truly felt stranded. I was just pondering, which specific text of mine would assist her respond me.

Abhi : I know you well enough, as i was studying in the same tutorial. If you can remember me i would often come to Chandrika mam tuition.

And she was like

Arushi : No, I don’t recognise you.

So i took a change in angle and just kept thinking like ok she doesn’t remember me what next ? And I made a decision to give a complete last try.

Abhi : Okay ! Do you recall Sachin, he was my friend too we use to leave for tuition together and return back home together as we lived side by side.

Sachin, a guy who was too talkative and he knew Arushi pretty well they were damn good in speaking to one another, ordinarily he use to charm her and few times get her jovial.

Arushi : oh yea, I remember Sachin but I don’t really get to recall you. I think we never been spoken or had some conversation, so i barely recognise you.

Uffo. This was like major milestone, after all she remembers me. I sensed worry-free and composed.

Abhi : Yup, i had limited number of friends and i never dealt talking whole lot to people next to me.

Arushi : oh okay.

And thats how things started off. At the earliest moments, we shortly had 10 to 15 minutes of conversation. In due course; she felt easy, which was undoubtedly rigorous for me to make her feel ease. I started biding my time in an attempt to blow her mind by my singing abilities, this is something which she cherished the most. I had to make a plea which wasn’t simple, at last this resulted to exchange in numbers.

We spent most of our time in talking to each other and getting to know each other’s better. As months passed we had set up a perfect bonding. Despite, in few instances aboveboard filter-less talks.

This was something which I always wanted from a girl of mine, i started plummeting for everything that she is. I literally had no clue what and where would things end up but I intended to have her in my life. Arushi isn’t just a name this was over and above. Indeed, knew that i own her.

As year 2014 passed, she made up a decision of meeting me up which bought up a sudden agitation inside me. And I couldn’t stop her from taking this verdict and I finally switch to conform. She was too busy in planning where and how to gather up , meanwhile i was so concerned of my appearance. I was a guy who was short and i had too many spots on my face i was sure I’m not even close to her term of grace which made me feel nervous. I went straight to my friend took his suit jacket and I picked out a outfit from my wardrobe. She just shared the place name, wished me good luck and she was so excited to meet me up. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, indeed had that uneasiness.

The next morning, I woke up took a shower dressed up and left home. I reached there pretty soon and I just stood waiting to greet her. In the meanwhile, I saw a girl who was walking towards me and I just glanced who she was but it wasn’t her, she just asked me for some address which I was not familiar with.

Then comes the woman of my life, thats her “𝘼𝙧𝙪𝙨𝙝𝙞 𝙁𝙖𝙧𝙪𝙦𝙞” I couldn’t take off my eyes from her, she doesn’t resemble that school girl i saw years back. “She was a beautiful delicate-featured woman wearing a black jean and a white t-shirt with a black over coat on it. She had a maw-black long hair and it plunged over her shoulders, with a glossy skin, blossom soft nectar sweet lips. Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she saw me staring at her. I yelped at being caught. Her languid eyelashes of velvet-black blinked once slowly. When i went closer I noticed her scrolled ears and her elegant nose. Her virility brown eyes set my heart a thumb. Oh ! Her elegant personality mesmerised me”. She smiled, infact giggled and asked me something which I didn’t predict.

Arushi: Arey, how come your wearing a jacket in this hot summer.

Not a word, as i was still in crazed state. She nabbed her hand encircling my arms and we walked across mall, this trumbled me. For instance, it feels nice when your girl is holding your arms, but it feels absolutely awesome when something like that happens when ‘it’s not-so-obviously expected’. She stood for a sec, and the first remark on my whole occurrence was.

Arushi: Oops, you are on the short side and she chuckled.

Of course, that was disgraceful. And i was like oh oh ! Your on your high heels. We laughed and kept moving.

A lot of girls think that if they laugh very loudly it can turn off or pull away a guy. But when in reality boys love those girls who laugh out loud. It doesn’t really matter if your laugh sounds like a crying hyena or puppy in pain, someone may still fall for your laugh.

The day started out as special as ever. We had entered into a mall. We had been to a movie called Moana, a animated movie quite fascinating. After the movie, we grabbed a seat in a less crowded spot and started having casual plus witty conversations including our past, present and future. During our chit-chat, we were sitting next to each other closely that she couldn’t resist herself from taking off her arms. Each second of this meeting was getting precious than I had imagined. We placed two coffees and then started the discussion she felt really easy whereby I still had no idea how to start this ? As talks lasted she made me feel dam comfo, in such a way that i had my “𝙁𝙞𝙧𝙨𝙩 𝙆𝙞𝙨𝙨”.

Uh-huh, you heard it right. And let me clarify you, we never dated officially, it was just a casual meet up. It “𝙅𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙃𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙣𝙙 ” I held her hand, bending my head to a soft angle with closed eyes, soon I realised her eyes was close too and getting closer by closer something so soft and warm touched my lips. I kissed her hand which was as delicate as her heart and as open as her sole. I all of a sudden had something alive inside of me, as if she was indeed inside me. I could feel the beginning of our relationship, so magical. Undefined feeling.I never knew that a heart can beat as hard and whatever she had done to me, it must have landed me in paradise.

We had too fun filled outstanding day which turned out to have plenty uncertainty inside me. We waved at one another and left aside.

Something terrifying happened this time, on my way back home.

Ouch; i crashed my phone, display is smashed. How do i ring her ? And on my dreadful fluke, the operator fella asked me to wait two long days to get whole crew back to figure.

In addition, i had a gaping shock pending ahead which was as spooky as it is. You can’t even assume, what would be the resultant of my kiss ??


Hold off, till I catch you back with the Conclusive-Chapter

How It Started !!

Hey guys, I’m back with the current status on “𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐎𝐟 𝐄𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲”.

Here’s a friend of mine whose all set to share you a unique segment of his life; which is utterly magnificent and spine-chilling experience of *𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞*.

You must be wondering,

what type of love are we referring here ? Does love has a stand ? If yes, where does he stands then ?

So here we go, meet my friend Abhi and he’s here to share you his own personal experience of a bonded relationship.

Before the start I wish to share you a couple of things. Apart from being a boring person; he has a very soft spot towards reading, singing and way too gud at playing guitar which really makes me feel he’s blissed. The one who’s really bad at making friends, but good at receiving people. And most preeminently, i want you to know that he’s a kind of person where anyone looks at twice. Guess what, does that mean handsome or freakish ??


Alright let’s get on…… Just going with the right sweep, hope this should not be exasperating.

Let’s start off with the throwback. That was 2006, where everything just started. I was in the class Seven, i was a guy who stayed out of everything that bothered me alot. As said I never use to be talkative, more a kind of apathetic person, still had the tendency to do anything that was asked. As the studies turned harder my parents knew that it was really hard for me to grasp my studies and finally they drove me into so called tuitions which i use to deal for a name sake. And thats where i captured her for the first time ever *𝘼𝙧𝙪𝙨𝙝𝙞 *. All though most of the men mention this, but to be precise she was the most graceful girl i have even endured. Thereby, Arushi a beautiful young girl who grabbed my attention towards her. I would offen notice a mix of confidence, intelligence and smartness in her which i lacked. A self-deprecating and most of the times energetically wilful and determined

As days passed, I could just go attend my tutorial classes just to glance at her. I never tried talking to her and when I put up to try, things would get harder. Days passed and my studies turned out to get very tough gradually. Thats how my dad opt to modify everything that I’m into, what else could that be my school and tuition.

𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐈𝐬 𝐇𝐨𝐰, 𝐈 𝐋𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐇𝐞𝐫 𝐀𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐕𝐨𝐲𝐚𝐠𝐞

You might be amazed as what does this refer too. Love or Attractive force ?

You probably know, but as said not every relationship has to be named. Most of the relationships shall take time to be entitled, while few remains unmarked.

Over the years having a solitude state of mind, spent furthermore time on singing and amuse oneself with the guitar.

And thats him, when someone asks me whom am i ? And where do I belong too ? I would obviously manifest him.

After a period of time, as we have heard finding a women for life isn’t as easy as it looks. Just in that way i had to date a women who wasn’t my finest and this finally lead to a rift. This was something disagreeable, but i had to give credence to myself and march on.

In the middle of 2014, eventually I commence seeking for Arushi. That day, whereby I couldn’t resist myself considering her. On go starting out from Facebook and on time i took a sudden break, by the way what was her last name. I just knew her as Arushi and I finally made an attempt to move ahead and seek her. And she just arose with her name “𝘼𝙧𝙪𝙨𝙝𝙞 𝙁𝙖𝙧𝙪𝙦𝙞 “. Thats the moment, corners of my eyes crinkled and felt the soul through my smile. Before I could realise it’s too late, i dropped a friend request. This lead me to a complete state of panic. She trembled inside me and I could feel that ache.

Certainly, i had too many queries. Will she approve my request ? Does she remembers me ? If no, how should I help her recall with reference to me ?

Buzz, beep.

I had to wait 48hrs for this to pop up. Needless to say, she had approved my request.

𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙅𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙃𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙏𝙤 𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 ?


The Untold Story

“I’m scared of rains. Whenever i see clouds getting darker, i remember those days. Suddenly i feel a gnawing pain inside me,” said a Sajitha Jabil,who was in the last day of her pregnancy when the floods happened.

One year has passed since the mega-flood ravaged Karnataka and kerala. And the fear is quite palpable.
An entire neighbourhood had got flattened by rocks and sludged.

Here is a small story of survivors who fought for there lives


Sajitha’s water broke on the day the floodwaters reached the second floor of the mosque where she was seeking shelter. “My baby’s face keeps bringing back those memories. Not a single day passes without us remembering those days,” she said.

We all panicked as my water broke a week in advance. Many people tried to pass the message requesting help through Facebook and watsapp. Though connectivity was a huge issue in the heavy rains,the message finally reached Navy.

By then, Sajitha was in Labour. The helicopter whirled around twice before locating the mosque. Sajitha had to be winched up into the chopper. “I do not remember anything about the lift. I had gone blank,” she said

But she remembers the view she had from helicopter “it was water all over”.

SAJITHA delivered her third child, Subhana, at the Navy hospital. “The doctor there took such a nice care of me ,”she said.


Kanhaiya Kumar, a constable with National Disaster Response. He was a part of a team assigned for rescue operations.

“I was told someone on the other side of the bridge needed help. Hearing this i ran to the other side with a colleague,” he recalled. By then the shutters of dam had been raised and the water was about to wash over the old bridge. “I saw a person holding a child. Understanding the situation, i just took the child from the father’s hand and ran back,” he said

Barely moments after kanhaiya crossed the bridge along with the child and his father, the bridge disappeared under the railing waters.

Sooraj was the ailing child whom kanhaiya kumar, had carried to the safety.

The video grab of kanhaiya running over the bridge holding the child became one of most memorable moments of the flood.


Jaisal, 33, a fisherman hailing from Tanur in Malappuram district, had become famous as the “stepping stone” during the flood. He and his friends were patrolling the waters in an inflatable boat. Then, they got a rescue request call.

“When we reached there, the scene was quite bad. The people were frantic and in tears,” said Jaisal. “When we asked them to get into the boat they could not as the boat kept moving. So i just went on all fours and asked them to climb onto the boat stepping on me. That is all i did.”

The video of him doing the act became viral and he turned to be a hero. Jaisal insists he did not do anything particularly to deserve the kind of adulation.

According to me, “one good thing happened because of this incident is people have become more helpful in general after the flood. They no longer wait for an ambulance or the police to help an injured one. The flood has thought them the value of joining hands.”

Who was this lone Man ?

It was the times during Hitler…

Adolf Hitler known as leader of Nazi Party. Under Hitler’s leadership and Racially motivated ideology, the Nazi regime was responsible.

Hitler’s actions and ideology are almost universally regarded as evil.

I’m here to share a short story of this lone man who refused to salute Hitler ?

August Landmesser is the man who appeared in a 1936 photography, conspicuously refusing to perform the Nazi salute with the other workers.

In 1931, hoping it would help him get a job,he joined the Nazi Party. Soon after he got engaged to Irma Eckler a Jewish woman. His love for a Jewish woman got him expelled from the party.

Later, they registered to be married in Hamburg. Which was later denied under the Nuremberg Law’s enacted which was made to protect German blood and honour,which forbaded marriages between Jews and Germans.

On 1935, lane and Eckler’s first daughter, Ingrid was born. Landmesser sees the need to escape from the Nazi Germany. Where his attempt fails and gets detained at the border.

The entire family was charged with dishonouring the race and racial infamy.

Landmesser was ordered to end his relationship, unwilling to leave. August ones again defies Nazi regime.

This led to his imprisonment in 1938 and a three – years sentence in a concentration camp. August would never see his wife again.

Pregnant Eckler was arrested and taken to a concentration camp. There she gave birth to Irene, the couple’s second child. Soon after Eckler was transferred to one of the Nazi’s death camps, where she was murdered with 14,000 others.

Both children’s were sent to an orphanage.

After Landmesser’s prison sentence he was forced to join army in 1944. Two months later he was declared missing in action.

Many years later Landmesser’s younger daughter Irene Eckler,would write a book.

Dedicating to her family tragic story and a lone protest of her brave father.

You And Your ßaby…..

Looking past all of hardships of motherhood,it is also the most fulfillings,the most rewarding and the most loved were someone can have in there life.

This could be the only special thing i can ever give it to

You & Your ßaby….

She was just 24yrs when her daughter was born,she was just a kid herself so learning to be a mom was hard for her.

It sounds utterly cliche,like everything she knew about becoming a mother and having a baby in work of friction,ever,but i can honestly say that this thiny human is now her favourite thing on earth.

And yes,

She loves her babies little noises. Even her grants. Even her cries.

She is bored,yet loving having nowhere to go and nothing to do but take care of her little love.

Each morning when she sees her baby woke up. The little one doesn’t cry,she just lays there and but can feel the tiny infant’s breath change.

Sometimes she waits to see what her baby does,but most of the times she explodes with happiness and starts hugging and kissing her. Starting her word with “gud morning” and ending with “Love You” a thousand times over,reminding her that she is her life line,turning on the light and watch her baby as she glows with happiness,smiling her million dollar smile that starts her day of right.

Baby is her life’s greatest blessing. She is her light. Not oly the baby smile changed her life,she can see how the baby changed everything that she encounters. She loves watching the most stoic people melt infront of her baby.

She loves watching her family fall more and more in love for her baby with each visit. She loves her tough brothers turn teddy bears around her little princess just to make her laugh.

And this tiny Baby fills them with so much of gratitude,she makes her to be the best person and she is just the loveliest little lady they have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Your always gonna wonder if your doing things wrong. But that’s what it means to be a Mom. To care so much about the one you just want to be as perfect as possible.

A sure experience of any mother who give birth to her child will get to face all those mixed emotions.

It builds that maturity and responsibility which comes with the nature of “Motherhood”.

To the Tiny lady,


Glimpse Of A Strong Women From History….

For all the women who are both impossibly strong and deeply human.

We have been a strong woman for a long time now. Many of you know what that means.

Let me give you one right example of a strong women.

Making it short and simple……

The story of Damayanthi from The Mahabharata is a very popular and frequently told story.

King Bheema reigned in the kingdom of Vidarbha. He had a daughter named Damayanthi. As damayanthi grew up into a lovely women,stories of her beauty and intelligence spread everywhere.

There was a strong and handsome Nala who ruled over the kingdom of Nishaba. Known as ever-just and always truthful king,he looked after his people like a father. The people loved him in return.

One fine day a Brahmin came into his court. On learning of his bachelor status he suggested the name damayanthi,the daughter of king vidarbh. He painted such an impressive picture of the princess that Nala fell in love with her.

One day Nala was wandering alone in the royal garden,lost in thoughts of damayanthi. A flock of golden-winged swans landed on the grass. Nala ran forward and caught one of them. The swan struggled to get away. Nala held it close “Nala let me go” the swan said, “You speak in human voice” Nala was surprised. Yes i know human language now let me go release a wonderful bird like you? How can i? Nala replied if you release me i will do you a favour i will fly to the kingdom of vidarbha and tell it’s princess damayanthi about you. I will so describe about you that she will want to be nobody else’s except you.

Nala let go of the swan. I’ve set you free. Now go. Tell damayanthi about my love for her. The swan flew to vidarbha. Damayanthi ran towards the swan. Swan led her far away into a quiet corner. Then it spoke to her. Damayanti, listen to me. I have come to tell you about Nala’s love for you. The swan praised Nala in glowing words. “If you agree to become his, your life and beauty would have been worthwhile. You are a gem among women. Nala is the noblest among men. The joining of the best with the best makes for happiness. What is your answer?”

Blushing, Damayanti replied, “Dear swan, go and tell Nala that I am his and always have been his.” The swan flew back and gave Damayanti’s message to Nala.
Meanwhile, Bhima was making plans to hold a grand ceremony for Damayanti called the swayamvara, where she could choose her own husband.
News of the swayamvara reached even the gods in heaven.

The devas: Indra, king of the gods,

Agni, the god of fire,

Varuna, god of the waters, and

Yama, god of the underworld, had also heard of Damayanti’s charms. They too decided to attend the swayamvara.
Kings, wearing rich clothes and jewels, came on golden chariots drawn by superb horses, and surrounded by attendants, to impress Damayanti. The four gods too descended to earth. They saw Nala, who was also on his way to the swayamvara. The gods were surprised at this mortal man’s dignified bearing and noble look.
The gods approached him. “You are Nala, are you not? We have heard of you, of your great-heartedness and your love of truth. Will you help us? Will you take a message for us?” Nala bowed to them. I will do whatever you ask.
Go tell damayanthi we are coming and to choose one of us as her husband. No, Nala replied.

Earlier, you promised you would do anything we asked. Will you now go back on your word? Indra asked.
As the gods had assured him, Nala was able to go without being stopped, straight into the palace and into Damayanti’s rooms. He saw her sitting there.
“I am Nala. I have come as a messenger of the gods. The four chief gods of heaven want you to choose one of them as your husband. I have come here unseen through their power. I have delivered their message as I promised. Now do as you think best, Damayanti.”
Damayanti thought for a moment. Then she said, “Nala, you have done your duty to the gods by delivering their message. But the matter of choice lies in my hands. If it is I who place the garland on your neck, then you are not to blame. No wrong can fall on you because of my act. Go and tell the gods that, in their presence, I will choose you.”
Nala’s heart soared with joy. He returned to the place where the four celestials were waiting, and gave them Damayanti’s message.
The hour of the swayamvara arrived. The royal invitees were gathered in the hall. All eyes were on the entrance door. Damayanti entered, holding a garland. Without stopping, she went to where Nala was seated. Then a frown appeared on her brow. There were five men seated before her who looked exactly like Nala. How could this be? In a flash, Damayanti guessed who the men were. There were the four gods who had taken the form of Nala.

Then Damayanti began to pray. Oh gods, I have chosen Nala for my husband with faith and sincerity. For the sake of this faith, please reveal him to me.
Damayanti saw the change happening. Their eyes did not blink at all. And their feet, as if not meant for this earth, were not resting on the ground, but hovering over it. The flowers in their garlands were as fresh as if they had just been plucked. Hot sunlight was streaming in, causing shadows to fall sideways. But the four men cast no shadows.
Nala sat beside them, light sweat covering his face, his garland wilting in the heat, his eyes blinking naturally. His feet were on the ground, and Damayanti looked at the precious shadow he cast with joy and thankfulness. She put the garland around Nala’s neck.

Appreciations!! The gods took on their true forms and blessed the young couple. Nala said, Damayanti, you have chosen me in preference to the gods themselves. I will be the most devoted partner to you.

The four gods realised the power of damayanthi’s love,a power which was far stronger than their own. They were touched by her firm will and her pure heart.

We need women who are so strong they can be gentle,so educated they can be humble,so fericy they can be compassionate,so passionate they can be rational,and so disciplined they can be free…….

10 years Challenge👊


Electronic City” an Information technology hub in Bangalore,India. With 80 acres of industrial parks and divided into four zones which were established by keonics,Karnataka Electronics,a Pioneer of information technology in infrastructure development.

Electronic City is the ‘Brain Child’ of


In 1997 maintenance was taken up by ELCIA,who provided 500 security officials and also installed CCTV Cameras.

Rich Biodiversity back in years qualitied life. Some of those measures were implemented by planting trees,constructing parks and rooftop gardens to enable greenery. These actions were somewhat surprisingly gone a long way towards decreasing pollution in city which helped to protect local plants.

Significant amount of pollution and dust were being filtered out. Increasing tree cover in city worked pretty well to reduce temperature in the city during summer,potentially saving cooling costs.

Now-a-days increased traffic has become a challenge which is decreasing our productivity indirectly. We can feel the scorching heat and dug up roads on other sides where improper roads impact our daily lives.

Transportation plays vital role in metropolitan cities, due to congestion and increased population paves way for metro lines which is leading to deforestation.

Cutting down trees just to raise the walls leaves residents unhappy,which is also affecting ecological balances of our society. And the process of advancement progress also destructs social balance by destroying natural resources.

Method of sustainable developments should be adopted to save our nature simultaneously with modern development…….